Dog Styling: With over 20 years of experience, we will meticulously attend to your cherished pets every need. Whether receiving a full-grooming or just a bath & tidy, you can rest assured that the highest quality products will be combined with the most advanced grooming techniques to provide your pet with a service that truly is "a breed apart."

Want something different for your pet? Try a semi-permanent (temporary) colored design...we can also add bling, "tatoos", and nail polish.

Please Note: This Poodle, Lexi, was loved and owned by Linda Morris.

We use a specialized shampoo to match their skin needs and express their anal glands, at no additional charge! You will be pleased to know we brush your dog's teeth for only $5.






We have very comfortable personal pens so Your pet is very relaxed during their stay with us. All pets get fresh water and a potty break after their groom.

There is an additional charge for combing out tangles and pets with fleas.

We Have the Micro Bubble Shower Spray!

While we bath your pet, this revolutionary device creates millions of bubbles to deeply cleanse and hydrate. As a result, it rinses hair faster and cleans pores much more thoroughly than regular shower sprays. Water quality is also improved using the special chlorine filters.


How does this work? The specially designed (patent pending) sprayer creates millions of micro bubbles, each one ionically charged to gently exfoliate, penetrate, and attract the dirt from deep within the skin.  Once the charged bubbles touch the skin, they gently implode, breaking up and dislodging old particles, releasing them into the stream of relaxing water. 


The tiny micro bubbles foam mildly stimulates and massages your pet’s skin with a relaxing effect, increases blood flow, and leads to a healthy skin condition. It’s a spa treatment for you pet which is gentle, but thorough…and there is no additional charge!


This is also better for the environment since micro bubble sprayers use 30% less water than conventional bathing techniques.

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